The design inspired by nature arrived here, sculpted by the successions of days and nights, by the hot and cold seasons, by rain falling from the sky and by the persistent and fertile sunbeam which achieve its aim, to give a new lease of life.
Away from technology and from academic knowledge full of complex and philosophical terms about aesthetics, wood developed its own science; it designed unique shapes which become more perfect over the years. We witness an artistic production cycle whose dna we can find on the floor.

This artistic creation is determining, original and singular. It is the notion of immaterial art in its purest form. Not always understood by all people, with this outstanding art, we guarantee the creation of unique pieces with a singular beauty which will certainly fascinate people.

Design pieces inspired by nature are the result of the creativity and imagery in men, always connected to the light and splendor of Ziya. Concerning the Ziya concept, it is the nature which is inspired by men’s life in order to ornate contemporary daily life, using a minimalist, practical and instinctive line. These pieces invite us to witness several feelings with a natural value.

Ziya finds in nature an incontournable variety of references for design and it is seduced by the semiotic it finds in shoots that sprout from different places all over the world. It is developed in a controlled manner, always respecting the natural dynamics and the sustainable environment. Socially fair!

In our creation process we look for lifeless pieces but that still preserve emotions, feelings and memories and which are able to tell a story or build a chronology. Distant from daily life, these pieces have a second chance; they achieve a new functionality keeping their original affection and symbolisms.